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Ben Courtemarche

Phone: (909) 268-2488

Sporting Clays | Skeet | Trap | Hunting
Ben can teach you the shotgunning techniques you'll need to master the shotgun and get the most out of your next trip to the clay shooting range or bird hunting trip.

Larry Sifers

Improve your shooting skills with help from a world class coach
Champion Skeet Shooting Instructor, American Skeet, International Skeet, Bunker & Sporting Clays instruction for beginners, juniors & advanced shooters. Individual & group coaching available.

Triple B Clays Shooting Instructors

If you are new to shotgun sports or have never fired a gun before, taking a lesson with one of our experienced shotgun instructors is sure to help you feel more comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. If you're an experienced shooter, Professional Instructors can help you take your shotgunning skills to the next level.

Moore N' Moore Sporting Clays Instructors

Personalized shotgun instruction from expert shooters at So Cal's friendliest shooting range.

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