Upcoming Shoots

Sporting Clay Events in So Cal

Also includes larger tournaments within driving distance for California shooters

Moore N Moore – Silver Series NSCA
Apr 20 all-day

The Silver Series – NSCA
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Moore N Moore – Mulligan 400
Apr 28 all-day


NSCA Registered Event

Triple B – Sporting Clays Fun Shoot Series (Non-Registered)
Apr 28 all-day

Sporting Clays Fun Shoot Series
Non-Registered. All are welcome!

Chance to win 2 shotguns!
1st drawing
Apr 28th
2nd drawing July 28

March 31,
April 28,
May 26,
June 30,
July 28

Registration 8am-9:30am – Shooting begins as 5 man squads fill. Create your own squad or just show up and we will squad you

100 Sporting Targets $40 or with lunch $47

No Pre-registration Needed – Just Show Up

This is a great way to meet shotgun shooting enthusiasts.

This event will have moderate target presentations with 2 tie-breaker stations.

Awards will be based on Lewis Class:
1-3 Shooters in Class – 100 sporting clay targets awarded
4-6 Shooters in Class – 175 sporting clay targets awarded
over 7 Shooters in Class – 250 sporting clay targets awarded

1-50 Shooters 3 Classes
51-75 Shooters 5 Classes
76-and up 7 Classes

Tie-breakers – Targets Divide

Gun Qualification Rules:
All winners must follow Federal and State Laws.
Winner must pay tax and DROS fees.
Beretta Outlander will be drawn at the end of the 3rd shoot. You must shoot two out of the first three shoots for your name to be entered into the drawing. Your name will be entered for each shoot you participate in(up to 3 times).
Beretta A400 will be drawn at the end of the 6th shoot. You must shoot four out of the six shoots for your name to be entered into the drawing. Your name will be entered for each shoot you participate in (up to 6 times).

Moore N Moore – Night Shoot
May 3 all-day

The Night Shoot
6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

This event normally takes place on the first Friday of the month unless otherwise scheduled.

Shoot Sporting Clays at night! Nobody else does it except the crazy people at Moore N’ Moore. It’s a great date night and a wonderful way to spend Friday night.

If you’re planning to attend, please call us at 818 890 4788 and let us know how many people you are bringing.

Moore N Moore – Big Bonanza Blast
May 5 all-day


Unregistered event